Straight Layered Hairstyles
Gone are the days when straight hair were typically donned in good old mattress pattern. Today, straight hair are one of the most versatile types of hair that facilitate different stunning haircut styles and ideas. One of the best hairstyle ideas for straight hair are straight layered hairstyles. Layered hairstyles have always been in vogue and one of the most important reasons for that is that they suit all hair types and lengths. Layered hairstyles are specially designed to jazz up otherwise boring and symmetrical straight hair. These hairstyles are easy to maintain and easy to style with least amount of chemicals and hair styling products.
Bangs attract attention in one's hairstyle which is the reason why hairstyles with bangs are so popular. There are various types of bangs that suit various facial shapes. Types of bangs like side swept bangs, straight bangs, choppy bangs, blunt bangs, shoulder length bangs, wispy bangs, parted bangs, asymmetrical bangs, baby bangs, etc. look great with straight layered hairstyles. While opting for a combination of layers and bangs, imagine your eyes as the focal point of the face. Once you do that, then you can flaunt any layered hairstyle with style. Apart from style, layering hair is a good way to get rid of split ends. Layers in your hair can actually reduce or increase the appearance of the thickness of your hair, hence layers are good for both thick and thin hair.
While searching for long hairstyles for straight hair, you can think of adding loose layers starting at chin level. Styling long layered hair in a natural way is also equally important. If you have long hair you can style them with some trendy and casual updos or simply put them down too. There are various types of layers like choppy layers, face framing layers, asymmetrical layers etc. from which you can choose the best one that matches your face shape. If you wish you can also add a few side swept bangs along with long layers, such bangs work very well for people who have large foreheads and square or round face shapes. You can opt for razor layered haircuts with tapered tresses as such hair look great with heart and oval face shapes.

Black Updo Hairstyles
Updo hairstyles look great for formal parties. Many celebrities can be seen sporting updo hairstyles for parties or other formal events. Updos make a person look elegant and sophisticated, and are a perfect hairstyle for formal evening parties. When accompanied with a beautiful gown and some dangling earrings, these hairstyles can make a person look stunning. Whenever, selecting a black updo hairstyle, there are certain thing you need to take into consideration. If are looking for black updo hairstyles for weddings, then go for a wavy updo hairstyles with bangs and beautiful hair accessories like a tiara. So, that the hairstyle matches with the wedding dress.
However, if you are going to a party that includes your friends or family, then you can go with a fun, a little more casual looking updo hairstyle. The dress can be long gown or a short dress. For prom hairstyles, select a half updo or a wavy updo hairstyle, so that you can match it with your prom dress. Make sure you use some beautiful hair accessories and matching ear rings. These were some of the things you need to take into consideration while selecting an updo hairstyle. Here, are various tips on styling you hair into black updo hairstyles.
Updo hairstyles are not just for parties, but some simple to make updo hairstyles can greatly save you from a bad hair day. You can make simple easy updos with short, medium or long hair using basic hair accessories. The simplest way to make an updo is to comb all your hair back, and tie them in a bun using a rubber band. You can also leave some hair strands loose on the sides, to soften your look. Or leave some hair bangs open. If you have extremely short hair, then try out this braid hairstyle. Middle part your hair, and divide it into two sections. Make braids out of these hair sections and secure them into buns using rubber bands, and leave some bangs open. Here is another idea of easy half updo hairstyle. Comb all your hair, and divide the upper half and lower half hair sections. Then tie the upper half into a twisted bun near the crown, and leave the rest of the hair open.

Short Haircuts 2010
Mentioned below, are eight trendy short haircuts 2010, which include every style from cute looking pixie cuts to sexy medium short messy hairstyles. However, take care while selecting a haircut. Make sure the haircut suits your face type, hair type and suits your lifestyle, which means that you will be able to maintain the haircut. After shampooing your hair, you might need to use a hair care product to set your hair into the particular short haircut style. Also, one needs to keep visiting the stylist every 6-8 weeks to maintain the haircut. Most short haircuts given below are easy to maintain, except that few haircuts might need few more minutes for styling than others.
These short summer haircuts 2010 look extremely cute, and with different kind of bangs you can add different look to this style. In a pixie cut, the hair on the sides and back are cut very short, and the front section of the hair is kept long and cut into bangs. You can go with a pixie cut like Rihanna's with long well defined bangs for a sexy look, or go with short blunt cut bold looking bangs like Pink.
Check out pictures of Kirsten Dunst's romantic bob cute short haircut online, to get an idea of how this style looks like. Romantic bob is a great style for people who are looking for short haircuts 2010 for oval face and heart shaped face. For this style, the hair is cut into a blunt bob and the bottom half of the hair is styled into soft waves.
If you are looking for a more formal haircut, then here are some short bob haircuts 2010 ideas for you. Cut your hair into layered hairstyle till your ear or till middle of your neck. Then cut the front section of your hair into side sweeping bangs. Style the layered hair, by flipping all the hair outwards.

Sedu Hairstyles Under Fire
Sedu hairstyles were not spared as the rumor mills kept on churning the "latest myths" and "half-way truths" about Sedu, according to its endorsers. Since the day Jennifer Aniston sported her now famous hairdo, the first time on "Friends," years ago, Sedu acquired its own "star-status", which in Hollywood parlance, meant intrigues.
Times have changed, "Friends" gone, Jennifer has moved on from Brad to her latest beau but not the myths told about Sedu. Could there be a grain of truth to all the rumors?
Perhaps, what caused so much uproar about Sedu was the fact, it became the "hairstyle of the stars". Who can forget seduction with the body and face like Halle Berry’s? Suddenly, anywhere you looked, everyone was sporting the hands-down favorite Halle Berry Sedu hairstyles. And long before Britney took fancy on a really nice clean-cut, literally and figuratively, she too was sporting a Sedu!Britney Spears Sedu Hairstyles became instant hit, most especially among women who were following Britney’s every groove, as if on cue. Unluckily, the shaver got on the wrong hands one day, too.Apparently, Sedu’s success came as a natural result of its association with the "stars". For is it not that when stars shine their brightest, those in the shadows bask under the light, too?
Who can go wrong with Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, and Halle Berry? Anybody who had Sedu hairdo surely felt they belong to good company. But what’s real, and what’s not? Is Sedu hairstyle more good, than bad? Or, vice versa?Split Ends. There are many factors affecting the hair strand, which can cause it to break: harsh chemicals applied on the hair, too much use of the blow dryer, and hair processes that when brought to excess cause damage. Sedu’s Flat Iron, on the other hand, emits heat that smoothens and clamps hair strands.

Emo Hairstyles for Girls
Do you wish to style your hair the emo way? Wondering which emo hairstyles for girls are in vogue these days? Before we talk about the funky emo haircuts for girls, let's first understand more about this subculture. The term 'emo' is derived from the word emotional. The origins of the emo subculture can be traced to the hardcore punk rock scene in the 1970s. It is associated with the evolution of a genre of music which was reflective of the character and leanings of these artists.
Their music reflected their strong sentiments and their approach towards life. The emo rock band artists, soon became popular for their emotional and confessional lyrics and also, for their trendy hairstyles and distinct apparel. These unconventional emo hairstyles are a hit with most youngsters who believe in expressing their individuality. Donning funky emo hairstyles is their way of showing a disinterest in the mainstream fashion. Both girls and boys are flaunting emo haircuts these days. Female emo haircuts are very much in vogue. Dramatic eye makeup, black-colored apparel and a funky hairdo can certainly get you the tag of an emo girl. Jazz up your look by trying the different types of emo hairstyles for girls!
If you have short hair, you can sport the pixie haircut. To give an emo touch to your pixie cut, you could get your hair layered in different lengths. The back hair need to be cut the shortest, and the hair on the sides that are a bit longer, must fall over the ears. The hair at front is cut in choppy side bangs which make the hair ends look well separated. You could also try asymmetrical haircuts with bangs to jazz up your look. Hair at the nape could be tousled and raised. Bangs hanging down and covering one eye is the signature emo look. Adding bright highlights on black hair will do the trick for some.
If your hair is of medium length, you can give a twist to the classic bob. Fringe bob is one of the trendy emo hairstyles for girls with medium hair. Bangs that cover one eye certainly manage to give a look that goes well with emo subculture. Choppy layered haircuts also work well to create the emo look. Layering is done in order to create volume at the crown and then the hair is thinned as you come down. Angled and side swept bangs with highlights also create an edgy look. You must also use gels to make the choppy layers stand out. Razor cut and scene hairstyles for girls also look great on those who have medium length hair. For these hairstyles, hair is cut into deep layers, and the ends of the hair are kept tapering. Blunt bangs can also be used to spice up the look.

Long Punk Hair
Do you have long hair? If you are bored of the conventional hairstyles for long hair and wish to try something different, long punk hair styles are perfect for you. Well, you don't need to get rid of your long locks to get a punk hairdo. These hairstyles are a part of the punk subculture, and are meant for people who wish to show off their non-conformist attitude to the society. These were made famous by the punk rock band artists, who believed in expressing their individuality and sported unconventional and sometimes, outrageous punk hairstyles to appear unique. If you are planning to try out long punk hair styles, it's time to shed the conventional image. Read more on punk hairstyles for women.
Long punk hair styles can give you a unique look. These can be used to define your non-conformist attitude towards style. Before you plan to style your long hair the punk way, make sure that you have the confidence to sport this kind of look. Let's find out more about these funky and unique punk hairstyles for girls with long hair.
One of the interesting long punk haircuts is the punk mullet. This is a style in which hair is kept short at the front and the sides, and long at the back. Asymmetrical lines and layers can give you a unique look certainly. Hair can be thinned out at the crown with razor cutting method and long strands can be left at the back or the sides. Hair styling products such as gels or pomade can be used to style the tresses on the crown. You can spike the hair at the crown or use bold colors to highlight your hair.
Choppy layered cuts with bangs also look very interesting. You can get uneven layers and smooth or angled bangs to create a distinctive long punk hair style. You can style your hair by getting very short jagged layers on the top or sides, whereas hair at the back can be left untouched. One side can be cut to a very short length whereas long strands can be kept to make an attention-grabbing long punk hair style. Different colors such as red, pink or purple can be used to highlight the hair.

Popular Teen Hairstyles
For any teenager, making the right first impression always counts. Take a peek into the lives of these teens and you will notice they are very finicky when it comes to looking good and always want to put their best foot forward. They are out to impress and they know how to do it in style! The prom night is a dream come true for most teens waiting to meet and mingle with members of the opposite sex! So attractive clothes, (designer for some), cool hairdos, branded footwear, oodles of makeup and many such elements make it to the ‘must-do’ lists for many.
So you have got the latest trendy outfit and a cool clutch bag to match. But if you really think about one point that can score you over others then do ensure you get the right hairstyle to match your prom dress. No outfit no matter how attractive or ‘in’, could ever be complete without a super hairstyle to match.
Short hairstyles are meant for the carefree youth, who really don’t have the time to fuss around and are always munching on burgers while rushing to college. In other words, short hairstyles are easy to maintain and are fuss-free! When you refer to pictures that showcase short hairstyles do also keep in mind the shape of your face. For straight hair, the sleek, chic hairstyle would work wonders. The messy look (also known as the shag hairstyle) also looks great on short curly hair. These portray an attitude and works both on young gals as well as guys. ‘Short shags’ use several layers but the layers reduce on the backside. Add some color or streaks to the edges to make a bold statement.

Famous Hairstyles

Hairstyles throw light on the social condition of the society. Along with time, hairstyles alter. The only common trend is that the hairstyles of the celebrities and popular icons is always regarded as ideal. In the early 1900s, Antoine of Paris parted the hair in the middle and swept them back over the ears. In the 1920s, the Louise Brooke's bob became well-known.
In the 1940s, Rita Hayworth made the side-parted finger waves very popular. The 1950s, the helmet like hairstyle and the pixie cut was prevalent. Big hair and poodle perms were widespread in the 1980s. The 1990s were the era of the Jennifer Aniston hairstyle and the millennium revived Sarah Jessica Parker's flowing curly style.

Long Curly Hair Styles
A lot of women love to have long curly hair but not all are blessed with it, neither all those who have, are happy about it. They are not happy with the manageability of the hair. Curly hairs tend to become frizzy especially when brushed and sometimes become impossible to comb. But with today’s styling products, people with naturally curly hair are offered with a lot of styles to choose from.
These are some very attractive and easy to do styles for people who have long curly hairs like:
Ringlets and Roses: - To create this style, lift up all your hair on one side of the head and smoothen the hair with your fingers or a wide toothed comb. After it has been smoothed out properly with the curls visible, you will have to tie a fastener to this portion of the hair to secure it above the head. You can wear a bejeweled clip or a rose to give a dressy look. To add shine to your curls, you can apply liquid curl definer. This look is apt with a black dress.
Doing an Up do: - For this hairdo, you have to gather all your hair and tie it into a ponytail right at the middle of the hair. Then wrap the ponytail around into a bun and secure it with some pins. Another option is to tie a partial knot with a portion of your hair and leave the rest of the hair flowing down the back.Not all people are fortunate enough to have such natural curls. There is no other way, but to get them curled. One way to create such loose bouncy curls are to use curling iron. You can also use hot rollers which take just ten minutes to get your hair curled. To get tighter curls, all you have to do is just apply a spray mist on your hair just before rolling them onto the rollers. For getting loose curls you have to apply a soft shine wax on the ends and some hair spray to hold the curls firmly and yet give a glossy look. If you want to create shiny loose curls, all you have to do, is apply a soft shiny wax to the ends of your hair. These help the hair from getting frizzy.

Lighten Dark Brown Hair
Hair coloring is in vogue! So whatever hair shade you have, getting them colored might be in your wish-list. Especially those having black and dark brown hair feel their hairstyle is out of fashion and opt to color or lighten the shade. Yes! Lightening the naturally dark hair color to have a faint hair shade looks great. This is also known as bleaching hair that will lighten them. While there are many bleaching creams available to lighten your locks you can do so at home with just a few ingredients. So if you have dark brown hair and want to give them a fashionable look then you just need the tips given in this article. You will know how to lighten dark brown hair at home in easy steps.

Bridal Hair
Decide on a hairstyle. Before starting a big mall hunt, first decide on your hair style. Have you got luscious straight long locks? Or do you want to flaunt your rich wavy hair on the big day? Evaluate your hair. If you think you want your hair to be longer, use hair extensions. If you want it to be shorter, consider getting a new haircut. Imagine how your face will look like when your hair is pulled up, brushed down, curled, twirled, and other styles. Know what accessory would give off your best features and which ones would look out of place.

Boys Haircuts
There are many types of boys' haircuts that can be worn by kids as well as teenagers. As kids are active and energetic, it is better for them to wear short haircuts which, unlike long hairstyles, do not interfere in their play and enjoyment activities. Long hairstyles, on the other hand, are mostly preferred by teenagers and youngsters, as they choose to be more intent in making a fashion statement.
Teenagers and youngsters can easily choose their type of hairstyle and wear it according to their likes. But in choosing the appropriate hairdo for kids, parents need to think on some important aspects. They need to make sure that the haircut they choose for their son does not hinder his daily activities in school or in home. It is suggested to keep kids' hair shorter. Since kids do not like to spend more time in front of the mirror styling their hair, make sure that the haircut is very easy to do and maintain. For those thinking about convenient hairdos for boys, short hairstyles and haircuts are the best options. If you are wondering how to give a boy a simple haircut.

short hair styles 2010
Hair plays a very important part in our appearance. It is not only a marker of beauty but the hairstyle also reveals a lot about a person’s attitude, his or her personality and appeal towards the opposite sex. It was ritual in medieval India to cut the hair of widows so that they do not appeal to the opposite sex anymore and more than that they themselves should feel themselves to be worthy of attention. If we start losing hair we get stressed and start reading the columns of magazine, which deal with hair, care questions and everybody is interested in looking different by changing their hairstyles. It speaks volumes about the person’s thinking and its volume speaks about the person’s health.
People who have long hair want a short haircut, people who have short hair want long hair, people with straight hair want curls and people with curly hair want straight hair. But getting a cut that you saw on your friend the other day might not look good on you because hairstyles are to be determined on the basis of the shape of the face and your overall figure. So here we would discuss about the short hairstyles and the kind of faces it would suit upon.

Bob Hair Styles 2010
Bob hair styles 2010, is the present generation fashion statement. Before going into the style quotients, let's trace back to the history of bob haircuts. The old aged cut was worn by both men and women much before World War 1, an impetus given for long hair. The unique style was then propagated by the famous dancer Irene Castle, introducing the first genre of Castle bob. Film stars like Colleen Moore and Louise Brooks were much influenced by the much touted trendy haircut in the year 1912. Since then, bob hair styles are ruling the glamor world. Let's find out the sort of bob hairstyles adopted by people today.

Bleach Blonde Hair
There are so many hair coloring ideas, thanks to the wonderful discoveries of man, all boring hair colors can live their blonde dream. Just walk into a salon or grab a packet of bleach & blonde hair dye and you are done. Grinning back from the mirror will be a new hot stunner. Beauty with brains, I say! Before you decide to go blonde, remember that they are so many types of blonde colors that one can choose from.
You have the platinum blonde, ash blonde, Swedish blonde, honey blonde and sandy blonde etc. So how do you pick one that is right for you? Here is the trick to choose the right hair color for your hair. From bleached blonde hair to brown, remember that when you consider your hair color, the haircut, the clothes and the skin tone need equal attention.

Natural Black Hairstyles
Natural black hairstyles are all about curls and braids. Black hair tends to be more fragile in nature therefore it needs more tender loving care! Hair braiding is a common hairstyle that is seen amongst black hairstyles. Today, there are many people across the globe that experiment with their tresses to achieve natural black hairstyles. Many women in pursuit of these natural black hairstyles often end up using chemical treatments and other processes used for hair braiding. The Afro look is also one such popular look many women still opt for even if they do not have the natural frizz for the hairdo. Here’s a look at natural black hairstyles and the different options you can try for the same.
African women are known to have the most beautiful curls that are so natural in their appearance. This look may not be completely achieved through the process of chemical treatment. Although, straight hair seems to be the current trend, curly hair is equally beautiful and contrary to popular belief; curly hair can be styled to look really gorgeous. Here are some ways to dress up those natural black curls.

Asian Hairstyles
Asian women have an added advantage of having beautiful and healthy hair. Many Asian hair are coarse and some are straight. However, there is a misconception that all the Asians have straight hair. This is not true, in fact, many Asian women have wavy hair and many have straight. Asian girls have a huge variety of hairstyles and other styling options. The Asian hair can be styled in any way. Asian hair are much healthier and thick and straight. Asian women have a oily scalp, so these women have to wash their hair everyday, so as to give a natural a fresh look to the hair. Moreover, Asian hair are shiny and sleek. Now, let us discuss some styling options for Asian hair. Here are some of the Asian hairstyles for girls.
Bob hairstyles is one of the cute Asian hairstyles for girls. Bob hairstyles show off the airiness and casual look. There is a one length bob, which looks great after hair coloring and is a very casual hairstyle, which looks great on jeans and other casual wear. In addition, there is an asymmetrical bob hairstyle which is elegant and stylish. The medium length hair at the side of the face are permed slightly, to give a soft look. Round bob haircut with long bangs, looks very great and the face looks smaller due to the bangs.

2010 hair trends
With the advent of new year, hair color trends too have arrived with gorgeous shades that are yummy and tantalizing. The hair color trends 2010 will brighten up your mood with the rich and vibrant shades. You can choose from a variety of vivid hair colors for your skin tone according to your personal taste. The biggest hair color trends 2010 include addition of dimension with chunky colors and highlights.
The hottest hair colors 2010 are deep shades of brown, deep plums, mahogany, bright red, shades of auburn, blond shades, ombre style highlights, chunky hair color shades, black undertones and lavender hues. Let us see the four popular hair color ideas for 2010 in detail.

2010 hairstyles
Fashionistas want to stay the forerunners in fashion and are always catching up with the latest buzz in fashion. With the change in calender, there has been change on the fashion scene. Hairstyles have always been in trend that make or break your fashionable image. So you are looking for the latest hairstyles 2010 trends that will give you an edge over the late risers? Then read on further to catch the latest, trendy hairstyles for 2010.
The latest trends in hairstyles 2010 are the short haircuts and hairstyles. Retro is back in fashion and the hairstyles are inspired by the 1960's mob bobs. The inverted bob and shaggy pixie is a hot look this season. Bob haircuts have become more structured with shorter bangs.