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Singer, recording artist and native of Barbados Rihanna has short to medium, straight hair in a sexy, eye-concealing, long-fringed bob style with a fringe, or bangs. Her hair color is black.

Very Short

If you think you would like 'very short hairstyles', you should bracket and also look at all of the 'very short hairstyles' and 'medium hairstyles' as the differences are at times slight.
Ignore the age, race, size and hair color of the model. Most hairstyles will fit any age group and hair color is an easy adjustment. Don't let these be a tool to narrow your list of potential hairstyles or hair cuts.

Short Hairstyles

There are some women who just about look gracious with every short hairstyle and there are some who need to comply to a distinct shape.
Are you looking for a fresh cutting-edge hair style? Modern hairstyles for women include a lot of short and current hairdos. Short hairstyles weren't so popular in years past when women were anticipated to be at home. But at this time with the expanding of attitudes and women becoming conscious of fashion, short hairstyles are the trend nowadays. Some women wear it since they want to make a statement.

Short Hairstyle

Because it is easy to leave the salon with a fantastic new look, only to awaken the next morning with a not-so-fantastic look. Your hair-stylist should discuss the styling tools and techniques according to your need to achieve a great short hair style look everyday by yourself.
To be noted that today, there are so many effective hairstyling products available in salons which can be very helpful in the day-to-day styling of your short hair cut style. Check out our hair care products section for a list of appropriate hair care products.

Beckham Short

A lot of celebrities have gone way out on the line in the name of fashion and their hair is certainly no exception. With a wide range of options in terms of how they choose to style their hair, plus the desire to always create new and unique hairstyles it is certainly no wonder why Hollywood is often the birthplace of incredible styles. From the Rachel haircut that swept the country after the hit television show Friends, to the Dido flip following the popular singer to even the cornrows that Bo Derek made extremely popular there are tons of choices and a lot of diversity.

Fine Short Hair Styles

Therefore, you can try some of the following techniques to keep your hair simple and elegant. Most importantly, use a shampoo which keeps your hair healthy and shiny. Avoid using those which leave your scalp itchy with dandruff, hair loss, dull, brittle with split ends. For conditioning solution, use a hair conditioner or softener after shampooing your hair to keep it soft and smooth, and easy to comb.

Cute Short Hair Styles

Cute, short haircuts are all the rage this summer season as they can go from day to night, from the beach to the office in a flash. While styling cute short haircuts and seeking a look that is right for…

Short Hair Styles,

For sexy short hair styles, try the messy prom style. Use styling cream, comb your hair forward diagonally and spray up random parts - very much like popular boy styles. Have a look at latest hairstyles for 2008.

If you are looking for more traditional hair styles, you can do the "fake updo" style. Slick the back and sides of your short hair, and volumize the crown by either curling or pomading it up and out.

Short Hair Styles for

All in all, the short hair styles are highly attractive and they are back in style the next year. In addition, the short hair is easy to maintain and to take care of so you will love it.

Short Hair Styles

Medium length black hair styles can also be worn straight or curly; for a relaxed look, use a flat iron to smooth out hair and a curling iron to curl ends under, but be sure to protect hair with a deep conditioner first. For curly medium length looks, separate your curls for definition by coating them with a tiny amount of styling oil.

Short Hairstyle

Short Haircuts Trends presents the latest trends in American Short Hairstyle ideas for 2009. These are short hairstyles for spring and summer. Here are some nice pictures of short haircuts.

short hairstyles for

short haircuts for women

Short haircuts


Maki Horikita short

Maki Horikita with this short hairstyle is beautiful, but the new boyish hairstyle is gorgeous

Cute Short Hairstyles

Checking up her beauty in the mirror Miranda wondered if she could help her mother to look younger and fresher by donating her a gift certificate for a beauty salon where the mother could recreate herself with one of the cute, short hairstyles for women who look admirably well hairdressed.

When styling short

When styling short hair, texture can play an important role in the style that is created through the personal goals of the individual. Luckily, when it comes to styling their hair, the majority of African American women have a good…


short angled bob hairstyles

Short Hair Styles

Short hair styles are not just the 'new' look. They represent a broad variety of choices and how a particular style will look on you isn't always easy to know. A good place to start is our gallery, where we have over 150 photos of models featuring short hairstyles. Once you've found a few styles you like, you can give yourself a virtual makeover to be sure you've found the right one for you.

Wavy Short Hair Styles

Wavy Short Hair Styles

Short Curly

Short curly hairstyles are a great way to make the most of the summer months – most of these haircuts are also easily transitioned into the winter and fall months. Blonde curly hair is one of the most popular styles that can be seen on the runways and in the pages of your favorite fashion magazines that demonstrate up and coming styles.